Just Peachy!

Often during our travels we enjoy venturing off of the highways to see what we might find among the towns along the way.

Leaving Wetumpka Alabama, travelling up highway 65 toward Nashville we found Peach Park in Clanton Alabama.

Peach  Park specializes in fresh locally grown peaches and offers a perfect break from your journey.

Expecting to find a fresh fruit stand, we were surprised to find a welcoming and complete rest stop, clean and designed to create a special memory.

Just a short distance from the highway Peach Park makes an eye-catching impression as you pull into the parking lot.

Garden paths filled with azaleas make this stop perfect for stretching your legs.    

Exploring the paths we enjoyed the Azaleas in bloom and found the Trees of Hope installation, a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society,

Facilities for the puppies…

… a gift shop,

and of course Fresh peaches!

In addition to peaches they also have an anticipated farmers market, and lots of locally produced sauces and home canned goods.

Naturally, with all of the healthy choices available, we settled for a large helping of fresh peach cobbler topped with – what else – fresh peach ice-cream!

If you happen to be RVing, they have facilities available for that as well.  We are not RVers so we cannot attest to those facilities, however, the park is decked with decorative lights perfect for making a relaxing evening on your journey.

grab a bite to eat and enjoy a peaceful retreat from a long drive.

3 thoughts on “Just Peachy!

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  1. I adore a good peach, ice cream, any place that has a spot for dogs, and doing the “off-the-beaten-path” thing. Lovely post.

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  2. SO happy to see your posts again – I’ve missed them. Nice.
    Fresh peach cobbler sounds so good – warm – and I’ll take mine with vanilla ice cream – yum.
    Sending love and hugs.

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