The Adventure Begins

Alice, tiring of her sister’s chatter, was getting sleepy.  She didn’t think much of it when a white rabbit appeared in front of her and pulled a watch from his pocket.  He began shouting, “I’m late! I’m late!” then he scurried into a thicket and disappeared down a rabbit hole.  Bored, Alice followed.  She tumbled and tumbled, landing in a new world filled with old memories present in a new way. This begins the tale of wonderland.

Like Alice, we found ourselves in search of adventure, awakening from the routines demanded by our white rabbits, we are no longer running late for important dates, but rather pursuing an adventure in search of life’s pink flamingos, mad hatters, and a Cheshire cat.  Join us as we scurry down the rabbit hole where a new world awaits, or perhaps another version of an old one.  Either way we anticipate meeting new characters in strange new worlds, perhaps to rescue us from boredom and open our eyes to what we have not yet seen.




12 thoughts on “The Adventure Begins

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  1. I enjoyed meeting you both today in the subway tour. I’m very interested in your adventures. Thank you for inviting me to follow along!

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  2. This cracks me up because I think this must describe long-term couples no matter what adventures they’re experiencing. No one in this family can make a decision.

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