I’m a Long Tall Texan

Well….I’m not too long…..and I’m not too tall….and, actually, I’m not really a true Texan.  I’m an Okie, Sooner born and Sooner bred. But I moved to Texas in 1955, went to school there until high school, went to Cowboy games in the Cotton Bowl when the throwback uniforms weren’t throwbacks and lived there until... Continue Reading →

It Was a Very Good Year.

Tradition requires this to be a day of reflection and for looking forward. On the last day of 2016 we lost Quah, our dog of 16 years. She was the kindest, gentlest, best looking dog we have ever owned.  She was a mutt like us, and she was always an important member of the family.... Continue Reading →


I remember a song about someone who was conflicted by two lovers.  One was soft, gentle and easy.  The other was complicated and exciting. Lately I can relate to the conflict. If you have missed us lately, we just returned from a trip home.  Routine medicals and check-in with as many friends and family as... Continue Reading →

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