ESPN Game Day in Times Square

The nearest college football game is 523 miles away.  Well, a game with a significant team (Ohio State)   playing.  But that didn’t dampen the excitement or the size of the crowd here. ESPN’s Game Day came to Times Square this morning.  We jumped up and took off to see Kirk and Corso, the other two... Continue Reading →

Picture This

We took a trip to Queens, the Astoria section.  It’s the upper northwest part of the borough.  This area is world renown for graffiti.  JAM has become a really big fan of graffiti and she had to see it.  We were so blown away that this is going to be a picture post.  Because…. pictures... Continue Reading →

Diners, Dives and Drive-Ins…Sorta

You’ve probably seen Guy Fieri.  Bulky, blond spiked hair, with full tatted sleeve on his left arm.  This is the arm he lays out the window of his glossy fire engine red 1968 Camaro SS 396 convertible.  He runs around the country finding the small mom and pop eating places that put out fabulous meals. ... Continue Reading →

Remembering 9.11 in NYC

9.11. Numbers, a phrase, a date that means so many things to so many people.  Here in New York City, this date has approached holiday status as a national day of mourning. The flags are flown at half-staff.  Commemorative ceremonies begin early in the morning.  Names are read.  Families read remembrance eulogies.  The NYFD are... Continue Reading →

Black Gotham

The history in this town can be overwhelming.  We chase it down every chance we get.    That is how we met Kamau Ware, Director of the Black Gotham Experience.  Kamau is the go-to guy for African American history from early day New Amsterdam and British New York.  We met him at his project headquarters in... Continue Reading →

La Guli

Jerrys friend Chris offered a recommendation when he heard we were headed to Queens to chase graffiti art.  He said we would thank him when we were over hating him.  We had to see what he meant by that.  The place was LaGuli Pastry shop on Ditmars in Astoria, just steps away from the end... Continue Reading →

Great North River Tug Boat Games

Jerry woke up at 4 AM.  I mistakenly set my alarm for 4:50. When it went off, Jerry was still awake.  We laid there talking about our plans, both too excited to sleep.   We were stoked because today was the day of the Tug Boat races.  Move over, Popeye!  We’re coming aboard!  We weren’t going... Continue Reading →

A Vintage Experience

Browne and Co. Stationers was New York City’s oldest continually running business, printing under the same name since 1775.  Two Hundred years later they teamed up with the New York South Seaport Museum to open a 19th century style print shop where they continue to print specialty items, cards, stationary, posters and other items suitable... Continue Reading →

Shhh…..It’s Roosevelt Island

We weren’t looking for anything in particular when we discovered the invisible. It was supposed to be a day for resting.  We decided to take a subway and stroll up the East side.  Though we had recently been there we had not yet located the famed sky tram between Manhattan and its small neighbor, Roosevelt... Continue Reading →

Urban Wildlife

It may not be what you were thinking, or perhaps hoping for. This past week we met up with Keith and Walter at Christopher street along the Hudson River. They volunteer their time to support the Hudson River Park and to help others learn to love the park as much as they do. It may seem... Continue Reading →

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