Diners, Dives and Drive-Ins…Sorta

IMG_2476You’ve probably seen Guy Fieri.  Bulky, blond spiked hair, with full tatted sleeve on his left arm.  This is the arm he lays out the window of his glossy fire engine red 1968 Camaro SS 396 convertible.  He runs around the country finding the small mom and pop eating places that put out fabulous meals.  He checks out their recipes, takes part in the cooking process and then tastes the end result.  He reports all this on his TV show, Diners, Dives and Drive-Ins.


Well, he has his own place here in New York City right smack in the middle of the Times Square Theater District on 44th Street.


The restaurant has the macho décor you would expect.  Lots of wood, exposed glazed brick, prominent saloon upstairs and down, heavy tables and comfortable chairs with hustling young people scurrying around taking care of hungry customers.  But they’re not hungry for long!


IMG_5745 foodThe menu covers all the bases.  Nachos, tacos, egg rolls and tenders on the appetizer list, and a variety of salads.  Entrees had chicken, salmon, and steaks, most under $30, all under $40.

We were there for a midafternoon lunch.  We split orders of Italian nachos and sliders and got stuffed.


IMG_2475 jerry and the waiterIt all sounds and looks typical, but it’s not.  Don’t know what they do back in the kitchen, but they take the typical and make it incredible.

The wait staff is highly attentive.  We had Paolo taking care of us and he did an outstanding job.  If you go there, ask for him.  Your glass will stay filled.


Guy has travelled all over America and has brought home his favorites and put his twist on the menu.  His food is as American as his Camaro!


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