Fleet Week

We were sitting at our table after breakfast when Jerry looked out the window.  She jumped up, all excited going, “Look, look, a battleship!”  I jumped up, went to the window and sure enough, there in the middle of the Hudson was an enormous Navy ship pulling into the piers.  Soon followed by a flotilla... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Hell…Hell’s Kitchen that is.

One of the benefits of living in our neighborhood is, well…. it is Hell’s Kitchen!  Once named Hell’s Kitchen because of its gritty and violent history, today the area is better known as the foster home for culinary diversity.  The neighborhood west of 8th Avenue between 34th and 57th is home to many small, privately... Continue Reading →

Summer in the City

Summer has finally arrived in the City, this week the warm weather arrived.  With the rain replaced by bright blue skies, and the lure of warm afternoons we have spent the last couple of days walking the streets of New York.   We thought we would invite you to spend the day with us… The... Continue Reading →

Gidget and Tennessee Williams

I first met Tennessee Williams when I was in the 9th grade.  It was in Sister Rosalee’s Freshman English class at Bishop McGuiness High School.  We were reading, studying and discussing his award winning play, The Glass Menagerie. I thought it was an odd piece of literature.  It was about a dysfunctional family.  Each member... Continue Reading →

The Subway

When I look at the Manhattan skyline, I shake my head in disbelief.  To imagine buildings this tall, so close together, so many of them and built from the 1800’s on….it just defies the imagination and boggles the mind.  And it doesn’t end there. Just go downstairs. Leaving the street and taking the stairways down... Continue Reading →

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

This time it was The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.  The Daily Show is a really funny show of political commentary and satire. Millennials use The Daily Show as a news source. This evening, our new found “line friend” is Laney.  She is a young lady from Mississippi who has been in New York for... Continue Reading →

No Day Shall Erase You from the Memory of Time

Somber. Saddening. Melancholy. Reverent, Anger.  Awe.  Fascination.  Pride.   All kinds of feelings run through your mind. I stood in the darkened corridors of the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.  Hundreds of people wander through the hallways, some alone, some couples, families on a vacation, and some in groups with a guide offering narratives of displays.  All... Continue Reading →

Pier 92

I have always had a place for daily meditation.   A place to consider my blessings, say thanks, and give thoughts and prayers for friends, family and humanity.  In my special place, I consider my dreams and obligations, and I plan the steps to draw me closer to them.   For many years, my special place has... Continue Reading →

Laugh, Laugh Broadway Comedy Club

  We had been in Times Square a few nights earlier and I got hustled.  A sidewalk ticket vendor captured us into a conversation and before I knew it, he was selling me 2 tickets to a comedy club. We were standing in line.  It seems for everything you do in New York City, you... Continue Reading →

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