Laugh, Laugh Broadway Comedy Club


We had been in Times Square a few nights earlier and I got hustled.  A sidewalk ticket vendor captured us into a conversation and before I knew it, he was selling me 2 tickets to a comedy club.

IMG_1429 broadway comedy lineWe were standing in line.  It seems for everything you do in New York City, you stand in line first, for at least an hour.   This time we were standing in line for the Broadway Comedy Club to open its doors for the 9 o’clock show.  I got a deal from a guy named on John in Times Square.

One thing that we have enjoyed here is meeting other line standers.  At the Live with Kelly line, we met a young couple that told us about the Tenement Museum.  In the Rachael Ray line, we met Agatha and Nancy, two ladies from New Jersey.  Nancy is a retired school teacher and Agatha is a hairdresser who plans on dying behind her chair.  They invited us to Jersey to show us some interesting places there.  Tonight we met Sonya, Sandy and Julie.  Julie is getting married in November and was in town to pick out her wedding dress.  Sandy was her mother and Sonya was a family friend.  They hail from Toronto.  We ended up sitting together for the show.  Sonya was on the first row from the stage and I fully expected her to get nailed by one of the comedians.  She escaped and there were no jokes at her expense.IMG_1430 (1) Julie shiela Sandy

The lineup had 7 different comics.  There was no one that you would know or have heard of, and they let you that at the beginning of each act.  Much like the Improv at The Highlands in Arlington, they took turns coming out and going through their acts.  They were pretty insightful in pointing out things in the American fabric that were made to seem absurd and laughable. One young man had tales of being home schooled by his father.  Another shared his experiences in self-satisfaction.

Graphic, colorful, bawdy, outrageous, and fun.  All of us were cracking up the whole evening.

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  1. Greetings from Canada.! Hi Tip and Jerry. We loved meeting you and I just read your very well written insightful blog. Keep posting and being adventurous! Cheers, Sonya

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  2. I love meeting people in lines!! It’s interesting and entertaining to me. Some of my friend have said that I never meet a stranger!! ( because I speak to everone)

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