Then and Now

We have been on a history kick.  Growing up in Oklahoma, I remember studying about the 5 Civilized Tribes, the grapes of wrath, and the Alamo. I did pay attention to the U.S. history, but it seemed like something that happened far away and long ago, like the history of Greeks and Romans. Mostly I... Continue Reading →

Dragon Boat Races

Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival.  When I first read about it, my imagination started running wild.  I pictured long boats covered with a giant dragon costumes with huge dragon heads blowing smoke and fire out of some hideous face.  I saw a long waving spiked tail splashing in the water.  That’s what I saw. The... Continue Reading →

Sunday in Central Park

There are hundreds!  There are thousands!  They are all here!  It is a beautiful Sunday afternoon and Central Park is full of people from all over the world enjoying this beautiful park on a beautiful day. The streets are full of bicycles, skateboards, and in-line skates ridden by all ages.  Some casually cruising along, some... Continue Reading →

For our Foodie Friends

  Living in the center of Manhattan’s restaurant district, and confined to a kitchen smaller than my Texas closet, we decided it was time to update our kitchen skills and try our hand at some new dishes.   Williams Sonoma is just a mile from here so we checked their list of upcoming classes. Skipping past... Continue Reading →

Eyes of the Beholder

Since we got here about 5 months ago, we have only been to a couple of art galleries.  So we decided to have a gallery day.  We caught the C train to the heart of Chelsea, the part of the City that is rumored to be the art center of NYC. We walked the Highline,... Continue Reading →

The Umbrellas

  If you live in New York City you will need to have an umbrella.  We didn’t have one when we got here.  We now have 4.  The important thing to remember about umbrellas is you have to have them with you when it starts raining.  They do no good if they are at home... Continue Reading →

Nice Night for a Walk

  It felt unusually nice because it was unusual.  The temperature was in the low 70’s on an August night.   There was a cool breeze coming off the Hudson.  The night was calling us to Riverside Park.  This park is a green way that runs the coast of the Hudson from Battery Park up... Continue Reading →

There is Always Something…

There is no shortage of opportunities to take advantage of (free) entertainment in The City. Festivals, musical entertainment, street performers, sponsored events, public art and open galleries are almost always available if you just take a few minutes to do the research.   Last night we spent such an evening in Bryant Park. First, let... Continue Reading →

Back! Back In the New York Groove

We spent a little over a week back home in Grand Prairie.  It was really nice being back home among family and friends and being in familiar places enjoying the things that we love about living in the Metroplex.  And now we’re back! Back in the New York groove. It seems so weird having two... Continue Reading →

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