Sunday in Central Park

There are hundreds!  There are thousands!  They are all here!  It is a beautiful Sunday afternoon and Central Park is full of people from all over the world enjoying this beautiful park on a beautiful day.

IMG_1280 7D Bestheda Fountain

The streets are full of bicycles, skateboards, and in-line skates ridden by all ages.  Some casually cruising along, some looking like Olympic team trials speeding by and weaving through the throngs of people.

IMG_1211 7D wheels in the park

The Hecksher ballfields are filled with teams pitching, catching and hitting softballs all over the place.  Small bleacher seats are half filled with supporters.  Others just stopping to watch a little Sunday afternoon ballgame.

IMG_1220 7D horses


The horse drawn carriages slowly clomped down the paths of the park at a speed from a different century.  The carriages dressed in vibrant, regal colors also from a different century.  Elegant plumes adorn the crowns of the bridles on the horses.  They look majestic rolling down the streets.


IMG_1234 7D vilonistUnderneath one of the many bridges in the Park, a young violinist  using the latest effects equipment, lays out  rousing renditions of today’s music.  Her open case fills with dollar bills from passersby impressed with her music.


In the Victorian Gardens a Kiddie Carnival is entertaining the Parks youngest visitors and their parents.  Mini trains and mini Ferris wheels and mini spinning rides provide the thrills for the mini guests.


Just down the path, sitting on a park bench all alone is Big Bird.  Soon he is surrounded by other mini guests and their parents.  The cameras come out, quickly followed by the purses and wallets.  After all, Big Bird has to eat too.

IMG_1252 7D big bird

The Literary Walk cuts across the Park.  Daniel Webster and William Shakespeare are two of the giant bronze statues populating the Mall.  Large Elm trees lining the Mall’s Literary Walk, provide a tranquility to the Mall complimented by a carpet of English Ivy.

IMG_1258 7D Literary Walk

As evening sets in, we make our way back past the pedal cabs and halal hot dog wagons, towards Columbus Circle.  We cross over to 8th Avenue and break into our New York walking pace.  We cover the mile in about 15 minutes and when we get back to our window, we aren’t even tired!

IMG_5447 end if the day

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