It Was a Very Good Year.

Tradition requires this to be a day of reflection and for looking forward. On the last day of 2016 we lost Quah, our dog of 16 years. She was the kindest, gentlest, best looking dog we have ever owned.  She was a mutt like us, and she was always an important member of the family.... Continue Reading →

The Frick N’Cold

We have had a lot of snow this week.  It is still a novelty for the two of us.  Waking up and seeing a white world is like a 5yr old walking into the living room on Christmas morning and finding the doll she wants under the tree. We have wasted a lot of time... Continue Reading →

Santas Behaving Like Elves

Another weekend, another holiday and another celebration. Santacon rates up there with some of the best. Each year hundreds, maybe thousands of Santa Clauses, Ms. Clauses, elves, reindeer, wise men, Christmas trees, North Pole Cheerleaders, or any imaginable, Christmas themed costume show up, stage a rally and then parade through the pubs and bars of... Continue Reading →

Opening Night

We were walking down 50th Street toward 8th Avenue. The darkness and the cold made the tree lined street seem later that it was.  Ahead, a small crowd was gathering on the sidewalk outside a storefront.  My first thought was that it was another Toto Ramen café with hungry New Yorkers waiting their turn to... Continue Reading →

It was a dark and stormy night….

Everybody knows the life of a photographer.  Exotic locales… half-dressed celebrities lined up waiting to have their picture taken for a magazine cover…. sipping on wine coolers…. nipping on cheese…. waiting for the light to get right…. paychecks the size of a pirate’s treasure…. Don’t believe me?  Just ask any photographer you know!  They’ll tell... Continue Reading →

A Ride in Yesteryear

Lights flickered down the tunnel.  The rumble of the train got louder.  In an instant, a picture from another era emerged.  A vintage 1930’s era subway train rolled into the Second Avenue subway station at 63rd and Lex.  We had waited an hour and now we were getting ready to take a ride in yesteryear.... Continue Reading →

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