Opening Night

We were walking down 50th Street toward 8th Avenue.

The darkness and the cold made the tree lined street seem later that it was.  Ahead, a small crowd was gathering on the sidewalk outside a storefront.  My first thought was that it was another Toto Ramen café with hungry New Yorkers waiting their turn to dine.

When we got to the crowd we discovered it was our destination, the Jadite Gallery.  Those on the sidewalk had stepped outside to grab a smoke, get some fresh air or just to escape the crush for a minute.

pwr of tones

The Jadite Gallery at 413 W 50th Street in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen is hosting The Power of Tones exhibit of the Professional Women Photographers.  The exhibit is running December 5-16.


JAM is having her first showing in New York City.  Excitement has been buzzing around here for weeks and she is so excited.

12092017IMG_9085 7D

Jerry has made a lot of friends since joining PWP and this group is loaded with ladies of accomplishment.  World travelled photographers, documentary producers, and those who have rubbed elbows with celebrities.

Her new friends, Laurie Allread, presented Bow Bridge, from Central Park and Gladys Bensimon, showing Manhattan Skyline.  Both very impressive pieces.  And this show was full of impressive pieces.  More than 80 photographs were hanging.

IMG_6893 corner display sm

JAM was showing Spectator View, taken during the Tugboat Races on the Hudson River on Labor Day.

The program focused on monotone photographs. I was not familiar with tone work.  I normally didn’t care for “black and white”.  I learned there is more to black and white and tonal work is different.  This is why I’m not a photographer….I watch football.

IMG_2872 inside the jadite

The turnout for this opening of the show was amazing.  It was wall to wall people shuffling through the gallery.  It reminded me of the C train at 6 pm.  I was glad to see that this show was successful.  There was even a red dot (sold) on one of the photos.  I was really pleased to see JAM so happy.  She was ecstatic.  As I watched her float through the crowd, stopping to talk to her new friends, I thought to myself, “That little girl is showing in New York City!  Wow!”

IMG_2876 jam

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  1. My smile just kept getting bigger as i kept reading…from Sooner Land to the Big Apple. It truly is a journey not a destination! So happy I have been able to be on this journey vicariously with both of you for over a decade! ❤️❤️You both and Merry Christmas too!

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