Santas Behaving Like Elves

Another weekend, another holiday and another celebration. Santacon rates up there with some of the best.

Each year hundreds, maybe thousands of Santa Clauses, Ms. Clauses, elves, reindeer, wise men, Christmas trees, North Pole Cheerleaders, or any imaginable, Christmas themed costume show up, stage a rally and then parade through the pubs and bars of Manhattan in an attempt to consume all the alcohol in the borough.

12092017IMG_8944 7D santas 7



A lot of business owners were upset with Santa and his followers from last year.  I’m not sure what Santa did, but apparently it left a bad taste in their mouth.

Several pubs and bars put the word out that Santa would not be welcome in their establishment.

IMG_2898 santas 3


The MTA restricted alcohol being on the subways during Santacon.  This upset many infrequently showering non-Santa passengers.

The NYPD was present in full force keeping an eye on everything and making sure Santa was not being naughty.

12092017IMG_9050 7D sanAS 6

The festivities started at the Post Office at 34th and 8th Avenue.  After the initial rally, instructions from the organizers and press interviews were completed, all the Santas departed to follow the pub path.  It didn’t take long before every bar and pub for blocks around was jammed with a loud, rowdy group of this right jolly old elf.

Again, New York City showed its ability to stage a festival for the least of reasons.  And everyone had a major good time.  The snow fall only added to the ambience. The best news is that this is all done for charity.

12092017IMG_8989 7D santas 4

We won’t be here for Santacon next year, but we’ll be able to close our eyes and re-imagine what Santa does on a day off waiting for his day to go to work and remember his words as he walked into the bar:

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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  1. Aw this is such a nice, joyous write up! It’s really nice to read a fresh perspective – a lot of New Yorkers have become very jaded to this event because it’s gotten a reputation as a DRINKING event where Santas get sloppy drunk…But I’m so glad that wasn’t your experience and maybe it’s turning around! Amazing photos!

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