Kids in a Candy Store

At times it seems we are on a hunt for the secret idol.  Wandering the city,  not seeking anything in particular, but hopeful  that we will discover a hidden idol. Saturday, we went to see The Alice In Wonderland Follies, choreographed by Keith Michaels, who we have had the pleasure to meet on a couple... Continue Reading →

Gold Standard of Open Mics

Wow!  The entertainment talent of New York City continues to amaze us, and tonight was especially fun. Antsy to go somewhere, we decided to try Birdland, a jazz club in Midtown.  Birdland has been around since 1949 and most of the historical jazz greats have played there. Monday nights offer Jim Caruso’s Cast Party, open... Continue Reading →

A Crown Jewel

We love Central Park.  It’s one our favorite places to go to just enjoy the day. Doesn’t matter what the weather is.  In the winter under a blanket of snow, we lay down in the Sheep Meadow and make snow angels.  In the spring, we walk through the Ramble catching the flora come to a... Continue Reading →

Katz Deli

The Madhatters told us to do it!  So we did. Katz Deli is one of the oldest delicatessens in New York City.  It was first opened in 1888 in the same location it is today.  Sliced pastrami is their specialty. I had the pastrami on rye!  Justin and Lynn of the Madhatters strongly suggested the... Continue Reading →

Fractured Wisdom

  If you are old enough to recall the Burma Shave posts along Route 66 you will appreciate the creativity of Sidewalk Wisdom Boards found outside storefronts of the City, mostly  in the East and West Villages and Hells Kitchen. Boards are placed to draw attention to the storefront or suggest daily menus and specials. ... Continue Reading →

I Just Keep Falling In Love

It is days like this that keep me falling in love with New York again and again. The sun woke me this morning, sending rays bouncing through the apartment. Annoyed at the interruption, I rose to close the blinds when I discovered the beautiful sun rays painting the New Jersey coast of the Hudson River. ... Continue Reading →

The Pillow Fight

“See that giant rabbit?  Follow him!” We got on the C train and got off at 4th Street.  We didn’t know where we were.  We wandered around looking for the National Pillow Fight Day at Washington Square Park.  We weren’t having much luck finding the Park and we were wandering all over the Village when... Continue Reading →

The Celtic Option

Spring has been trying to nudge out winter, but old Winter has been putting up a fight.  Saturday it broke even with bright sunshine and cold wind.  Not all we were hoping for, but too nice to miss.  We donned our jackets and later wished we had brought scarves and gloves. We found two options... Continue Reading →

A Walk in the Fog

It was so foggy.  How foggy was it?  It was so foggy the ducks were bumping into the piers.   You couldn’t see the tugboats and barges just beyond the end of the piers, much less the coast of New Jersey across the Hudson. JAM wanted to take pictures in the fog, so we bundled... Continue Reading →


For those of you who are planning to visit New York City, we have found a touristy thing  we think you will enjoy. Near Times Square  sits a diner that looks like a movie set from Happy Days.  It’s the Stardust Diner.  There are two ways to spot it.  One, it looks like something from... Continue Reading →

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