The Pillow Fight

“See that giant rabbit?  Follow him!”

We got on the C train and got off at 4th Street.  We didn’t know where we were.  We wandered around looking for the National Pillow Fight Day at Washington Square Park.  We weren’t having much luck finding the Park and we were wandering all over the Village when we spotted the rabbit.  We figured there is a good chance he was going to the Pillow Fight.  Or at least, someplace really interesting. So we followed.

That was last year.  This year, we got off the train at 4th Street and headed straight to the Park. No rabbit.  No problem, we know Washington Square.

20180407 IMG_1385 7D pillow fight sm

Worldwide Pillow Fight Day originated as a flash mob event that started in 2005 in 25 cities around the world.  Today it is an annual event to welcome spring to the City and we were attending our second.

The pillow fight was already raging when we arrived at the fountain. New Yorkers, young and old, were banging each other over the head.  The air was filling with feathers and pieces of foam.   Pillows were flying in reckless abandon.

One gallant and bold knight from the Republic of Texas was fully engaged in the midst of battle, warding off challengers until being ambushed by a band of renegade Manhattan munchkins. They pulled off a strategic assault on three fronts.  The tall, handsome and young prince (Hey, this is my fairy tale…go write your own) fell in battle mortally wounded.

20180407 IMG_8412 iphone sm

After the Prince was slain, JAM and I repaired to a park bench to soak in the sneak preview of spring. Seemed everyone was there.

20180407 IMG_1366 7D Birdman Sm.jpg

The Pigeon guy called his flock. They responded by flying in and covering him, landing on his arms, shoulders, head and legs.  We put a dollar in the birds food bucket.

20170401 IMG_8121_7D EF18-135 bubbles sm

The Bubble guy dipped strings into his magic potion and raised his sticks creating huge bubbles carried off by the wind.  Shrieking children gave chase in hopes of catching and popping the bubbles.

20180330 IMG_8343 IPHONE musicians in washingtons sq sm

Guitar players strummed and a jazz trio soothed, giving their dollar concerts amid smatterings of applause.

20180407 IMG_1510 7D Juggler sm

Jugglers juggled.  Unicyclists unicycled and chess masters coerced passers-by  to come forth for a “friendly” match.


Alas, our day was coming to an end as the Sun began disappearing behind the tall buildings of Soho and the Financial District.  It was a good day!

20180407 IMG_8432 iphone wash sq sm

Washington Square is a strange and wondrous place to sit and watch New York City be New York City.

20180407 IMG_1477 7D sm

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