The Skinny on Slenders

Nothing in New York City is accomplished without much debate. Whether it is rent control, garbage pickup, halting the subways to perform maintenance or changing the skyline, New Yorkers have a lot to say on the subject. Lately I have been interested in the discussion on “skinnies”, or more properly, Super Slenders. It isn’t that... Continue Reading →

The Seinfeld Blog

Rain in the forecast but we didn’t care, it was above 40 degrees and we had been cooped up for too long.  Undecided about where to go, JAM said, “We haven’t been east for a while and we should go over to the other side of the island.  East it was. With our umbrellas tucked out... Continue Reading →

It’s Snowing Again!

The snow came again today. Outside my window the streets, white with new snow, are lined with the tracks of delivery trucks, cars and bicycles. In the courtyard below there are footprints.  A man walks his dog.  They neither seem to mind the gentle precipitation falling around them. Snowflakes larger than quarters fall slowly past... Continue Reading →

I’m a Long Tall Texan

Well….I’m not too long…..and I’m not too tall….and, actually, I’m not really a true Texan.  I’m an Okie, Sooner born and Sooner bred. But I moved to Texas in 1955, went to school there until high school, went to Cowboy games in the Cotton Bowl when the throwback uniforms weren’t throwbacks and lived there until... Continue Reading →

We’re Back!

Like so many New Yorkers, the cold, the gray and longing for family and friends called us from the City in January. Our son came to experience the snow and cold shortly after the Cyclone Snow Bomb, then we headed south to the balmy temperatures of Texas. It was great revisiting family, catching up with... Continue Reading →

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