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Rain in the forecast but we didn’t care, it was above 40 degrees and we had been cooped up for too long.  Undecided about where to go, JAM said, “We haven’t been east for a while and we should go over to the other side of the island.  East it was.

With our umbrellas tucked out of sight, we headed across the island in search of the East River.  As we took off it started to sprinkle.

Uneven sidewalks, trash bags lining the curbs waiting to be hauled somewhere, jackhammers breaking up streets and curbs, the rat-a-tat-tat echoing down the canyon streets of Midtown, taxi cabs honking incessantly, sirens off in the distance.  The cinema and symphony of the city we have come to love.


The rain began to pick up.

In Times Square tourists flocked to the valentine photo stage, “Window To The Heart”.  The City never ceases to provide entertainment.

IMG_7606 valentine at times sq sm

NYPD was involved in an intensive investigation, so we left them alone.

IMG_3117 nypd investigation

We proceeded eastward through a fine exhibit of mid-19th century architecture.  5 story walk-ups housing bars, restaurants, barbers and spas and apartments.  We love the zig-zag of the fire escapes lacing down the facades of the buildings.

The rain began to come down harder.

IMG_7618 buildings 46th and 5th ave

At 5th Ave, we changed our mind about going to the East River. The rain was coming hard, we were getting duck wet and the last thing we needed was more water!  We headed for the Apple store.

IMG_7525 fire escapes sm.jpg

Down 5th Ave, we passed windows with ultra-trendy dresses and chic 6-inch stiletto shoes, sparkling bracelets and diamond encrusted watches.  Total 5th Ave excess.

Across the street, a dozen rain drenched protesters didn’t want to buy furs at Bergdorf-Goodman.

IMG_3137 pigeons 2 sm.jpgApparently, the pigeons felt it was too wet to fly around in their flock today.  They patiently sat out the rain and watched the traffic around Central Park.  I think they were waiting for feeding time for the horses.  The birds wanted the spilled grain.

Those poor horses.  Dragging people around the park all day long and just getting a bucket of grain.  And when they get it, dive bombing pigeons swoop down to steal it!  The horses need a union!

Uh…they do have a union.  They are members of the Teamsters and have work condition clauses!  The pigeons are non-union.

IMG_3139 horse

IMG_7638 walk in the rain.jpgAs we turned toward home, an elderly man asked for directions to St Luke’s Hospital.  We googled it, decided on the best route and sent him on his way.  As he ambled away in the rain without an umbrella, I hoped that I had understood him correctly and sent him in the right direction.

I often wonder how many foreign tourists I have sent in the wrong direction in my offers to help.

Well, four hours and five miles later, soaking wet and bone tired, we arrived home at our little fun sized apartment.

When I sat down to write this blog, I thought what is the story?  We went out for a walk and it rained.  Nothing happened.  And there’s your blog.

Why would somebody read it?

Because it’s on the internet!

Not yet, it isn’t.

That is so Seinfeld!


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  1. I expected this post to be about Tom’s Diner or the Seinfeld Tour. Love what it was instead and the name is perfect. NYC wanders are the best and 40 degrees is certainly something to celebrate! Love the photos as well, definitely an inspiring post 🙂 thanks for sharing

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  2. I loved it. I read it with such anticipation of some great humor! I got it too! Yes we read it but because it is you’ll not just another article on the internet. Though i would have loved to know more about wich cop dropped their pen down the grate lol. You will love the backside of the rain ( we had the near 40 and rain all Saturday and Sunday. Today we hav 25* and sunny weather.🌞🌞

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