It’s Snowing Again!

The snow came again today.

Outside my window the streets, white with new snow, are lined with the tracks of delivery trucks, cars and bicycles.

20180207 IMG_9337 7D sm

In the courtyard below there are footprints.  A man walks his dog.  They neither seem to mind the gentle precipitation falling around them.

20180207 IMG_9334 7D courtyard snow sm

Snowflakes larger than quarters fall slowly past my window.  I haven’t often seen snowflakes this size.  They seem magical.

20180207 IMG_9321 7D Heavy snowfall sm

I grab the camera and try to capture this the feeling, knowing the lens cannot capture what I feel. Noting my surroundings, I try to etch in my memory the beauty and feeling of this moment.

20180207 IMG_9326 7D Snowing in NY sm



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