Ya Can’t Miss This!

Times Square is probably the one image that comes to mind when thinking of New York City.  The shoulder to shoulder sidewalk traffic, the bumper to bumper street traffic full of yellow cabs with constantly blaring horns, the huge stories-high neon signs and video screens advertising the Broadway shows, the iconic wedge shaped building where... Continue Reading →

We Almost Saw a Mermaid Parade

Zoo York City….I have heard that before.  I hadn’t seen it….. but that was before Saturday! There is a major happening each year at Coney Island where over 100,000 people show up. It’s the Mermaid Parade!  And we were told it was really interesting.  We were excited, not knowing what to expect. We got up... Continue Reading →

Sometimes It Is About Feeling

Shania Twain had all of Rockefeller Plaza feelin’ good as she sang “I Feel Like a Woman” during the Citi Concert Series on Today. This October she will drop her first album in more than 15 years.   Shania sang two cuts from her new album, Now, “Swinging with My Eyes Closed,” and “Life is About... Continue Reading →

Our Nation’s Capital

We didn’t have much time.  We had left Penn Station earlier, after a 2 hour delay, on a train destined for Washington DC. Train travel is a really nice experience.  We seemed to be rolling and gently rocking down the track.  You can get up and walk from car to car, going to a car... Continue Reading →

Things Change

It was 1974.  We were young and vacationing with my parents, our first vacation since Tip returned from Vietnam, and probably the last vacation my family would take together.  My parents were shop owners, and like most small business owners, vacations were not easy to come by.  Our hearts were set, and we all piled... Continue Reading →

Siriusly, Live

In the afternoon March 13, 2013, I was returning from a trip to Atlanta.  Landing in Dallas I heard rumor that “White smoke” had appeared in the Vatican, indicating that the Cardinals had elected a new pope.  Unable to find news on the secular radio, I searched Sirius for a channel that might have the... Continue Reading →

A Different Path

Have you ever started down one path and ended up on another?  Well, yesterday was one of those days. Another day of drizzle in the Apple, so tired of hanging out in the apartment we planned a short trip to the bookstore.  This weekend we are taking a trip to D.C. and thought it would... Continue Reading →

Oh look, a Boat!

One thing about not having gainful employment is your schedule is flexible.  One thing about ADD is you can be easily distracted.  When you combine the two of these, you may as well save your time on making plans. We took off with a plan to go downtown to Battery Park, go east and walk... Continue Reading →

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