Come Share My Window: A Photo Essay


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When I was a little girl in the third grade my family bought our first home. I loved that it had a large tree with branches that covered the yard side to side, I liked the pink kitchen, but most of all I liked the window seat in my bedroom, above the garage.  I liked sitting there on bright mornings, or sunny afternoons watching the neighbor’s dog, birds on my aunt’s tree across the street, or kids playing in their driveway.


Where we live now

When I was very young we lived on Indian River in Florida.  There we shared a large old plantation style home.  It was run-down and mom hated it, but my room there was on the front porch looking east across the river.  Trees with Spanish moss would silhouette against the rising sun.  I still love windows and one of my best pleasures in New York is looking out the window of our 23rd floor apartment.  It is the kind of thing you share with a friend over a good conversation.  Come along and lets share…

02 IMG_0645 7D View from our windowThese are our windows.  On the left, looks west along the Hudson, on the right looks north.  Take a seat on the left, let’s look at the river.

Its morning on the Hudson.  I love the way the morning sun spills on to the western bank of the river (New Jersey), then creeps forward as it rises.

03 IMG_7469_7D Morning on the Hudson
Morning rises on the Hudson

Early in the day the working boats arrive.  Some work through the night, dredging a pier or patrolling the river.  Tugs are among the first to arrive, they are my favorites.  Always working, moving loads that appear too large, churning up heavy waves to move a large barge, or gently nudging a ship into its slip at the pier.


IMG_0718 7D early morning barges
Tugs move barges in the early morning sunshine

Looking north through the other window, construction workers, rebuilding Hell’s Kitchen, begin their daily routines…

The horse carriages leave their stalls just west of us to greet tourists at Central Park.

IMG_0728 7D horses
Carriage horses have moved into the old fire station where horses once pulled fire fighting equipment.  The station is in the block between us and the Hudson river.

IMG_0711 7D Falel cartsHotdog and Food cart vendors begin their day, dragging their stations to their corners or to Central Park.


On the sidewalk children walk to school, and adults to their jobs. Le Bergamote, the French bistro across the street is serving breakfast under the umbrellas.

IMG_0739 7D sidewalks La Bergamote
Le Bergamote Bistro, 52nd street traffic

We frequently share our section of the river with cruise ships.  Today the Norwegian Breakaway is here, yesterday its sister ship, the Norwegian Gem was our neighbor. During Fleet Week our piers were home for the USS Kersage and her supporting cast.


Throughout the day the city is busy, constructing buildings, walking the sidewalks, and moving stuff up and down the river.

IMG_0696 7D our busy river
The busy Hudson

Tugs work throughout the day moving barges and guiding ships until late in the day. The sun drops low over New Jersey making long shadows.

08 IMG_8868 7D 18-135 working into the night
Evening sets on the Hudson

Raindrops cling to the window as the sun sets following a recent rain.

09 IMG_8679 Sx sunset on the hudson

A peaceful quiet settles in the window with the darkness.  The streets grow quiet, the avenues remain busy with the taxis.

10 IMG_0672 7D night on the hudspn

People gather in their apartments and only a few boats remain on the Hudson.

Families gather in their separate apartments

The soft glow of New Jersey stands guard.  Its been a good day.

12 IMG_7458_7D the hudson at night

Thank you for sharing my  window.


IMG_0695 7D end of the day





8 thoughts on “Come Share My Window: A Photo Essay

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  1. Jerry and Tip – i love the blog … you each have different writing styles and perspectives but both are great. The photos help us understand too. I am loving it and read every one of them. I hope you are enjoying doing it as much as we are reading it. So much to see and do and the people and history. Thank you for keeping up with it. Sue

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Sue, we enjoy sharing. We are working on more history posts, but also letting them “bake” in our heads for a while to make sure we understand our own perspective. Very much miss you and the ‘girls”.


  2. I enjoyed sitting in the left chair at your table. Your pictures and comments made me feel as if I was there listening to your narrative as the pictures unfolded. Now I feel like I lived a full day in New York with you and Tip. Yes I felt Tip standing in the kitchen.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I, too, love windows. I am so envious of of you guys living in wonderland. I would love to be there with you. New York is on my bucket list

    Liked by 2 people

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