A Nice Touch

I woke early this morning, just in time to see the Norweigan Escape pulling into the pier.   From our little perch 23 stories above the streets, we keep our eye on our city.   On the streets below, we see the yellow cabs and the black cars delivering New Yorkers to their destinations about... Continue Reading →

Senatori at the Decimo

It was like spotting Santa Clause or Big Foot or catching a jackalope.  You hear all the stories, you see the evidence they have been here, but you never seem to have your camera out to prove they exist. Like a vampire, street artists come in the middle of the night, produce some of the... Continue Reading →

It was just here!

We first visited New York in 2007.  The charm of the old fashioned Deli shops was something that caught our fancy and endeared this city to us. The Deli next door to our hotel, Club Quarters, and the Metro Diner were two of our favorite places.  They are gone.  The sites have been shut down... Continue Reading →

Joyce’s Take

Our dear friend Joyce came to visit this past week.  We had some great times together and invited her to write an entry for this blog.  Here are her observations.  Enjoy. I arrived on July 3 and met up with Tip and Jerry after getting settled into my hotel, about 6 blocks from their home. We... Continue Reading →

Breaking Barriers: Part 2

Joyful that we had survived our Ukrainian food experience we ventured out on the recommendation of our concierge and a young Asian girl who was visiting with him.  They provided a list of Vietnamese restaurants that they highly recommended. Several people had suggested Pho and recommended the Cha Pa's restaurant on 52nd St between 8th... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Hell…Hell’s Kitchen that is.

One of the benefits of living in our neighborhood is, well…. it is Hell’s Kitchen!  Once named Hell’s Kitchen because of its gritty and violent history, today the area is better known as the foster home for culinary diversity.  The neighborhood west of 8th Avenue between 34th and 57th is home to many small, privately... Continue Reading →

Toto, You Ain’t in Texas No More…

The crowd was New York young, and New York dressed.  The guys were in casual cool and the girls were in catch your eye appeal.  They were drinking and they were loud.  Some were swaying to the music.  Some were swaying to the alcohol.  Some were just swaying. They call it a country saloon.  They... Continue Reading →

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