It was just here!

IMG_5017 pret a mangerWe first visited New York in 2007.  The charm of the old fashioned Deli shops was something that caught our fancy and endeared this city to us. The Deli next door to our hotel, Club Quarters, and the Metro Diner were two of our favorite places.  They are gone.  The sites have been shut down or replaced.  The Carnegie Deli, the most famous deli, closed its doors and is gone.  The delis have been replaced by corporate looking dining facilities.

Times Square, Broadway and 7th Avenues, were lined with tourist gift shops, newsstands, and hot dog stands.  You could by hats, T shirts, coffee cups, trinkets, whatever you could think of that could have the words New York City imprinted on it.  And you bargained for the prices, never having to pay what the items were marked.  Not gone, but going.  This is disappearing as corporate storefronts move in.

IMG_5018 boarshead
Gone are the corner deli’s with locally prepared Pastrami, replaced by Boars Head deli counters.

Haunted Yankee Stadium has been replaced by Temple Yankee Stadium.  Venerable old Shea Stadium is gone and replaced by the corporate Citifield.

New York City still has it, the character, the personality, and snap, but things seem to be changing, and I miss the old stuff.

The Delis are gone and they were just here!

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  1. Nothing seems to get better than what we remember from the old days. OKC had quite a few Italian deli’s near downtown when I was a kid. Now it’s Subway………..not quite Italian and certainly not good..

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