I remember a song about someone who was conflicted by two lovers.  One was soft, gentle and easy.  The other was complicated and exciting. Lately I can relate to the conflict.

If you have missed us lately, we just returned from a trip home.  Routine medicals and check-in with as many friends and family as possible.

Texas and Oklahoma are home.  Life is similar there, with Oklahoma being the quieter of the two.  This trip we didn’t make it to Oklahoma.


bridges IMG_9490Texas is easy. I travel where I want to go on wide highways in an air-conditioned car.  Stores are large and filled with my favorite brands, and restaurants serve the familiar tastes I love.  Strangers are friendly, friendships are deep, and I am overwhelmed with the love of dear friends and family. Only the hot summer sun is harsh.


But New York beacons to me.  She is filled with complicated sounds and conflicting views of modern and ancient buildings.  Her rich history seems to be ever present, woven into the fabric of her personality.  Her foods are seasoned with the spices of the world – alluring and unfamiliar. She, herself is strong and resilient and she expects as much from those who choose to walk her sidewalks.  Her people are much kinder than their reputation, but my friendships here are not yet rooted.

IMG_9315 7D S17-70

I love the wide, blue skies of the southwest, and the tall narrow skies of The City. Texas is comfortable, New York challenges me.


Tonight, the Hudson is quiet.  New Jersey is casting her glistening shadow across the river, smooth and calm.  My window delights me. Though the city is at her quietest, I hear the distant sounds of those who prepare this city for the coming day. I love New York, but those I love are far away.


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  1. There are parts of this that parallel my own experience. I miss the roads, cars, foods, convenience, and speaking the same language of Fort Worth but love this place so much. I’ll be going back to the States in a few days for a visit and miss Korea already.

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  2. Hi my sweet ones. I hear your heart speaking and I understand your thoughts. The blessing here is that while you are so far away from family and friends that you love and share so much with, you are sharing your daily adventures and experiences with the love of your life. Truly, VERY FEW people can say that.
    As for us friends and family “left behind “, we really aren’t. We text, call, share, cry, love together in any way we can, whenever we want, because we are family and we always have each other’s back. Enjoy. Just enjoy where you are. Xxox

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