Howdy, Y’all!

Tip and JAM coming to you from deep in the heart of the Republic of Texas.

Well, not exactly deep in the heart.  The Metroplex, the Dallas-Ft Worth area is about an hour’s drive south of the Red River.  Deep in the heart is down around San Antonio and Austin.  Did you know Austin is an Osage Indian name for Weird?  Little known fact.


Living in New York City opened our eyes.  We learned to appreciate that which is special about the ordinary, and to celebrate all things grand and small.

20180707 0223 6D Puddles I sm

The magic of exploring a new city pulls at our imaginations and drives a thriving travel industry, yet, how quickly the magic leaves us when we return to our familiar places.

Think about the last time you experienced a city for the first time. Looking at the town in wonder, watching people going about their daily routines of everyday life and imagining what it would be like to live there.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could hold onto that wonder forever?

IMG_9591_0353 fallsm

Our drive halfway across America in the trusty ol’ Penske truck, took us through several states.  We felt the attraction to several places along the way and tried to imagine ourselves living there.

20181101 IMG_6223 6D sm

We crossed the clean, beautiful highways of  New Jersey and into the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, briefly crossing the landscape of West Virginia…

20181031 IMG_6194 6D esm

Then to Ohio where we met up with a friend who loves Columbus.  Next to Kentucky and Tennessee which delighted us with beautiful fall color, to Arkansas and finally Texas where the wide highways opened up to welcome us home.

20181101 IMG_6304 6D sm

All this driving gave us ample time to talk about what we had just experienced.  It was clear that New York City had changed us, but we weren’t sure how.

20181101 IMG_6250 6D sm

We felt as if we were coming home, yet at the same time we felt were leaving home.  Torn between two cities , we discovered we didn’t like one place over the other.  We just loved them differently.  We are different. And we like the change.

Six weeks have passed.  We’ve settled into our new home in Flower Mound, Tx.  As we plant our feet on the ground, we vow to appreciate what is special wherever we are.  We hope you stay with us as we go out to explore our next Wonderland, wherever that may be.

Texas, it is great to be home.  We missed you.  New York, you are our best new friend.  We miss you.

20181219 IMG_7371 6D us on the balcony sm


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  1. Gotta tell you, I was really waiting for a new post from you. Kind of jonzing for it, if you know what I mean. And, of course, you didn’t disappoint. It’ll be interesting to see how you “unpack” all of your experiences in NYC and move forward with your blog, which, if my opinion holds any weight, you absolutely should. Miss you both. Love reading something new and seeing the usual great pics. Hope the season is a warm and cozy one for you both. Looking forward to what you do on your next adventure in the new year.

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    1. Hey Guys, it’s taken us a while to set up camp here but we are finally able to get a blog posted. Don’t know how the future is going to play out, but we intend to keep Wonderland going. We’ve talked about doing some traveling. We will be using your posts as a blueprint. We are already talking about coming back for a visit and when we do, we would love to meet up for lunch or dinner. Miss you all!

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