Yes Virginia, There is a Wonderland…

Some wonder if Alice’s adventures were real or if it was a dream. Perhaps it is only in dreaming that we find a reality that is worth living.

Sure, we all have responsibilities.  Life is full of hardships, frustration and disappointments, but it is also full of adventure, surprise, and “gifts” of God and nature.200 IMG_4020 dawn

When Alice drifted off and fell down the Rabbit Hole she was met with the unexpected, a world that challenged her understanding of normal.  In doing so it awakened in her new visions for living life on her terms.  She learned to question that which seemed absurd, yet was common thinking in the world where she was lost.1 IMG_9195 Scissors at the curb esmSo often we are lost in our own world. We accept its absurdities as truth.  We predict our misfortunes based upon previous disappointments. It isn’t until we begin to question that we can discover new possibilities.

IMG_9922 snoopy paints esm

Two years ago, I wasn’t sure Wonderland existed.  The leap of faith to do something different was scary.  We shed possessions we thought we needed and learned that they were never important.  We walked into the shadows of the unknown only to find light. We traded the comfort and security of our two-story home in the suburbs for a small studio and found that home can be much broader than a building or even a city.

Timeline wlak through a light tunnel

Wonderland is real. It lives in our dreams.  As Alice discovered, the line between reality and dreams can be obscure.  When she awoke from her dream, she was forever changed by Wonderland.

wonderland composite 2 esm

Perhaps Wonderland is different for everyone, for some it is a place, for others it is an idea, for us it is a state of mind.20180127 IMG_9050 7D barrel races sm

Following a dream can be scary.  There is risk of failure, embarrassment, disappointment.  We may choose to live our lives pursing our Wonderlands or live them out in the safe confines of reality.  There is something about letting go and taking the leap that frees us of the things that have been holding us back.

IMG_5413 Her Dreaming Heart sm 1280 px
Her Dreaming Heart

Yes Virginia, there is a Wonderland, but perhaps it can only be found following our dreams.

5 thoughts on “Yes Virginia, There is a Wonderland…

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  1. Nice.
    It IS scary to be fearless, to take that leap of faith. But we only live once. You both are so blessed to have each other on your journey through life. Your leap has made you stronger in your love for one another, your commitment to each other, your trust in each other. I love that. And both of you.

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  2. Those of us fortunate to have discovered your blog were treated to traveling the journey somewhat with you. Thank you for inviting us along. I look forward to the next journey, even if it’s simply to your back yard.

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