Back! Back In the New York Groove

We spent a little over a week back home in Grand Prairie.  It was really nice being back home among family and friends and being in familiar places enjoying the things that we love about living in the Metroplex.  And now we’re back!

Back in the New York groove.

IMG_7800_7DIt seems so weird having two homes.  We were excited to go “back home” to Texas and by Monday, we were ready to “be back home” in New York.

It took us all day to get here.  My sister, Karla, took us to Love Field at 9 am.  After the airport rigmarole, we boarded our flight and lifted off at 12:30.  We got to LGA at 4:30.  Buses and subways later we found ourselves at 8th and 50th at 5:45.  About 6 pm, a taxi dropped us and our luggage at our home on 52nd street.

IMG_5204We walked into our postage stamp sized apartment, dropped our bags, and plopped into our 2 chairs.  I started thinking, “Man that took us all day!”  Then it dawned on me that we had traveled halfway across the US in less than 6 hours travel time.  I was impressed.

I sent my sister a text message halfway across the country and instantaneously I let her know that we had arrived safely.  This is a helluva an age we live in today.

And now we’re back…. back in the New York groove.  Turns out that we had missed walking all these miles each day, getting groceries one bag at a time, watching political protests in the parks, listening to street and subway musicians and dancers entertain as we wait for trains or lights to change, and festivals for just about anything imaginable.


It was great being back home and seeing the old friends and familiar places, but now it is great to be back home seeing the new and unfamiliar.  Not sure where home is.   I guess I’ll try to figure it all out later, but right now I’m just gonna sit back and smile.

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