Senatori at the Decimo

It was like spotting Santa Clause or Big Foot or catching a jackalope.  You hear all the stories, you see the evidence they have been here, but you never seem to have your camera out to prove they exist.IMG_3827 DECIMO 3 SM

Like a vampire, street artists come in the middle of the night, produce some of the most impressive and incredible art then vanish into thin air as the sun rises, never to be seen, adding mystery and intrigue to the world they live and the art they leave behind.

Some have reached international celebrity, such as Banksy, and many have become notoriously famous for the work they have created.  Selwyn Senatori is in this class.  He was in Hell’s Kitchen just the other day.

IMG_3829 decimo 4 sm


In Hell’s Kitchen Street Art has been rather absent.  You would have to go to the Village, East, West or Greenwich, or to the Lower East Side to see some good pieces.  Astoria, Wellington Court in Queens, Brooklyn, Coney Island….Street Art is everywhere.  We have spent days venturing out into the city just to see Street Art.

That is why we were excited to spot a scaffold on the sidewalk outside of the Decimo restaurant at 52nd and 10th.  On top of the scaffold, a young guy was splashing purple paint along the top of the wall.  It was Selwyn.  The Decimo brought him here to add sparkle and glitter to their new eatery.

IMG_3828 Decimo 1 sm

Selwyn is from Amsterdam, he was accompanied by his beautiful wife, Irene, and his equally beautiful personal assistant, Leonie Kerkhoven.  The three of them are “Out of Office for Ever”.  They are the free spirits you would expect from the Netherlands.  They stood by, handing Selwyn whatever he needed and chit-chatted with passers-by who had questions, such as yours truly.

IMG_3830 decimo5 sm

As Selwyn splashed away, the blank white wall began coming to life.

There appeared a portrait of a debonair man offering Champagne and love to an alluring woman.

IMG_9213 decimo 6 sm

A server is bringing lobster and hearts to their table in Hell’s Kitchen, all while the band plays on.  Selwyn was doing what he does, bringing this wall to life, a colorful, romantic life.

IMG_3852 Decimo 7 sm.jpg

We love it.  We are elated to have Street Art come to our neighborhood.  As I look around, I see scores of “blank canvasses” for other Selwyn Senatoris.  Thank you, Selwyn for making our corner just a little brighter.

IMG_3854 (1 Decimo 8 sm

Do you like Street Art?  If you do, you may want to check out these blog sites of some friends and acquaintances we have made in NYC.  They know their way around New York City and Street Art in particular.  Learn and enjoy.

Lynn and Justin at

Mary at

Visit Selwyn Senatori at

IMG_3853 decimo 10 sm



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  1. I love what a pop of color this is! I really hope that more street artists get commissioned to decorate local businesses. I used to be opposed to the commercial aspect of it, but it was really interesting to see how street artists still managed to make a social or political statement in Athens. I’ve since been converted!

    And thank you for the shout-out! We’re honored to count ourselves as a couple of YOUR fans! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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