Worth the effort

Getting there was anything but simple.  With the N train in Astoria closed for track repairs, reaching the Wellington Court Project was anything but easy.

It started with a one mile walk to get to the N train which took us only another mile where we caught the Tram to Roosevelt island.


On Roosevelt Island we boarded the ferry to Astoria.  A few minutes later we arrived at Hallets Cove Park near Vernon Blvd and Wellington Court where we found the Wellington Court Mural Project artists at work.


Oh, not familiar with the Annual Wellington Court Mural Project? It is an interesting story.

20180609 IMG_1034 6D Wellington Court sm

It began 9 years ago when Wellington Court resident, Jonathan Ellis approached a Bushwick Gallery about a beautification project for his community.  Jonathan knew the neighborhood needed paint, and the gallery knew folks who loved to paint on walls.  The first painting went up in December 2009, in the dead of winter. With community support, the project grew one wall at a time.

20180609 IMG_0997 6D brushes sm

Together, with the help of Ad Hoc Art Gallery, the community and with the publicity of major new sources such as The New York Times, US News and World Report, Huffington Post, NBC Universal, NY1, Brooklyn Street Art, StreetArtNYC, and others, the project continues to grow each year.

20180609 IMG_1020 6D rwk sm

Today the project has expanded beyond Wellington Court into the reaches of the neighborhood.  Actual counts were not clear, but one contributor estimated the number of artists at 135.

20180609 IMG_1032 6D 360 sm

Though it wasn’t easy to reach, the find was worth our effort. Here are some of the people we encountered.

20180609 IMG_1026 6D sketching sm


Trace was busy at his spot on Main Street.

This young man was dedicating his mural to his love and his son.

Here we found Joel Artista, Chris Soriana, and Marc Evan working together to create a large-scale mural.  I asked if it had a name and they offered to let me name it, I didn’t feel like I had the right to contribute.

20180609 IMG_1009 6D trio sm

Across the street we found Lexi Bella on a ladder creating what appeared to be the beginning of a large set of eyes.

Around the corner Queen Andrea posed for us in front of her masterpiece.

20180609 IMG_1043 6D queen andrea sm

Eventually hunger took over and we began the long trek home. Riding down the East River I began thinking about the nature of this event and the importance of artists, community, and city zoning all coming together.  This seems to be a recurring thought for me lately.  Working together for the better good.  Something we should all consider.

20180609 IMG_1058 6D fish with braids sm

Well I must have been thinking too hard because I disembarked the ferry too soon and landed on a pier that was nowhere near a subway.  So, we took a bus.

20180609 IMG_1037 6D unjust sm

All in all, it was a good day.  How often does one have the opportunity to interact with artists painting walls, walk 3 miles, ride a train, a tram, a ferry and a bus, all in a single day?

20180609 IMG_0972 6D art sm


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  1. You definitely took the scenic route there and back! 😉

    I’d seen some updates in my feed from Welling Court but that piece by Joel Artista, Chris Soriana, and Marc Evan is definitely a new favorite. Will look forward to planning a trip to check out all the new pieces soon. Thanks for sharing!

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