A Nice Touch

I woke early this morning, just in time to see the Norweigan Escape pulling into the pier.

20180506 IMG_9952 R sm


From our little perch 23 stories above the streets, we keep our eye on our city.

20180609 IMG_0924 6D e sm


On the streets below, we see the yellow cabs and the black cars delivering New Yorkers to their destinations about town.

05162017 IMG_9938 7D columbus circlecabs sm


Food vendors push their hot dog carts along the avenues carrying the hot dogs, pretzels, halal food and cold drinks to their respective corners throughout the city.

IMG_0711 7D Falel carts sm

The plush touring carriages roll down the street with the rhythmic clip-clop of the plumed steeds marking their trail on their way to Central Park.  As the sun rises, the city is coming alive.

IMG_3139 horse

Down on the Hudson River, the day is well under way.  We watch the tug boats push and pull barges up and down the river.  Ferries carry people back and forth from New Jersey to Manhattan.  Cruise ships come and go bringing hundreds of passengers to the Hudson Piers and New York City.

20180501 IMG_9948 R sm


We’ve been watching our new home town from above for more than a year and we’ve fallen in love with it.

And now, something new has been added.

Outside the window to our world, on the floor above us, a member of a local orchestra has moved in.  He plays the flute.  When he practices, the music of his flute floats across our view of the city.

20180615 IMG_1278 6D west view sm

Now as we watch our town wake up in the morning, or spend a day toiling away or relaxing in the evening before going to sleep at night, we have a beautiful, soft, flowing flute soundtrack to go with the picture.

01142018 IMG_9900 7D hudson morning sm

It’s a nice touch.

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