The Escher Perspective

I don’t exactly remember when I was first introduced to MC Escher.  I was young, in college, and someone had given me a 1000 piece puzzle of men walking up and down stairs.  It was Escher’s piece titled “Relativity”.  It introduced me to his style of impossibilities and made him a forever favorite.

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This week MC Escher came to Brooklyn.  Well, the exhibit did.  A mix of public and private collections has been curated to create a most comprehensive presentation of Escher, his life, his styles and the maturation of his art. His most iconic masterpieces are included.

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In addition to an impressive collection of his art, the exhibition includes interactive displays to help visitors better understand his impossible perspectives.


The exhibition is presented at 34 34th street n Industry City Brooklyn.  If you are not acquainted with Industry City, the venue alone makes the visit worthwhile.   This re-purposed collection of factory buildings is in the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn.  Among the tenants you will find design centers, coffee houses, a chocolate shop, a bakery, and more.  The space is open, clean, and designed for modern workspaces and casual gatherings.  This repurposed facility seemed the perfect place to encounter the eccentric and possibility minded Escher.

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It is said that Escher’s work resides at the intersection of mathematics, science and art, and lies somewhere between the possible and the impossible.  His fascination with shape, space and perspective is evidenced from an early age, and his work entices by engaging in sparring discussions on spatial relationships.

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We’ve been to many museums and exhibitions since we’ve been in New York, yet this was one of our favorites.  The exhibit provided a thorough review of the evolution of Escher’s work and encouraged mental engagement in his discussion on perspectives, all within an enticing visual setting.

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The exhibit is produced and organized by Arthemisia in collaboration with the M.C. Escher foundation.  It runs through February 3, 2019.  Tickets are $20 for adults. Check for additional discounts and hours.

Getting there:  Take the R or D to 36th street, Brooklyn.  Walk two blocks west, under the highway.  The exhibit in in Building 3, #34.

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    1. There is also a “Museum of Illusions” that has opened at 77 8th Avenue. You may also want to check it out. We haven’t been there yet, but the Madhatters NYC have and it looked very interesting. Enjoy your trip!

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