Coney Island on the 4th of July

It seemed like a New York tradition, so we boarded a train to Coney Island to celebrate the 4th of July.

2018 0704 IP IMG_9458 train to coney island

We found Nathan’s Original Hotdog stand where they were preparing for the annual Hotdog eating contest.

IMG_9469 nathans hotdogs

We didn’t actually see any of the contestants,

IMG_9475 hotdog contest

so we ate some hotdogs ourselves, just to join in the festivities.

IMG_9481eating dogs

As is often the case, New Yorkers were dressed for the occasion.

IMG_0042 mr usa

There was Mr. USA, and Miss America…

IMG_0041 miss america

and even Uncle Sam was there.IMG_9488 dressed for the occasion

We found the famous Coney Island rides…

IMG_0060 water slide

and the boardwalk

IMG_9533 the boardwalk

The beach was popular and decorated with colorful umbrellas.

IMG_9495 coney island beach

With our faces full of sun and toes full of sand we headed back into the city.  There we found that 55th street was closed to traffic for an old fashioned block party.

IMG_9541 block party

We couldn’t help but join the fun.

IMG_9545 block party


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