Tired of Crowded Sidewalks?

New Yorkers, are you tired of the summer crowds that clog the sidewalks?  Looking for a bit of relief from the heat of summer humidity? Would you prefer walkways that are wide, clean, uncongested and cool?

20180707 0136 6D esm


This month celebrates the 6th anniversary of a secret avenue within midtown that was specifically designed to promote a better and safer walking experience.

20180707 0186 6D esm

It is bedecked with art sculptures,

20180707 0236 6D the elephant and hare sm

glass ceilings,

20180707 0180 6D esm


20180428 IMG_8743 iesm

and even a waterfall.

20180707 0221 6D waterfall sm

61/2 Avenue is located, as it should be, between 6th avenue and 7th avenue, from 51st to 57th.

20180428 IMG_8693 isixandahalf ave sm

The avenue consists of privately owned public spaces that are covered or fully enclosed, providing a refreshing relief for those who choose the road less travelled.

20180707 0197 6D e sm

If you are looking for relief from the heat, the crowds, the noisy streets, Avenue 61/2 may be for you.

20180428 IMG_8716 iesm

While you are there, stop by and say hello to Kamila Myzel of Myzel Chocolates.  In addition to having melt in your mouth old world chocolate, she also stocks an impressive collection of licorices.

20180428 IMG_8738 i Myzels chocolates

So, take a break from the noise and congestion, step inside Avenue 61/2 and shhhh don’t tell the tourists!

20180428 IMG_8701 isign sm

2 thoughts on “Tired of Crowded Sidewalks?

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  1. LOVED this post! I am dying in this humidity (the heat’s not so bad for me…give me 90 degrees and a dry heat and I’m fine, but 70 degrees and 90 percent humidity is my personal version of hell!) so I will definitely be checking this (and that amazing looking chocolate shop!) out.

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  2. I remember that you teased this post when you wrote about that lovely chocolate shop, and it’s a great one! We used to pass by the 6 1/2 Ave sign all the time (it’s located by one of our favorite food trucks!) but we’ve never actually explored it. Now that we know there’s such a well-formed idea behind it, we’ll be sure to visit. Especially Myzel’s! Thanks for sharing!

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