Sometimes It Is About Feeling

Shania Twain had all of Rockefeller Plaza feelin’ good as she sang “I Feel Like a Woman” during the Citi Concert Series on Today. This October she will drop her first album in more than 15 years.   Shania sang two cuts from her new album, Now, “Swinging with My Eyes Closed,” and “Life is About to Get Good”, as well as her classic hit “I Feel Like a Woman.”


Shania Twain, Feelin’ Like a Woman

Her music was feel-good and we felt the after effects well into the afternoon.  So often it seems that good music lifts my spirits and brightens my outlook.  While it cannot erase the troubles surrounding us, it seems to help us notice the goodness.  Maybe we all need a little more feel good music in our lives.


Today I am thinking that happiness is a state of feeling.  It comes when we do good things, hear good music, have good conversation, or experience appreciation.  Goodness leaves a footprint on our soul, in our heart and is visible as it oozes through our spirit.  Wishing you good feelings today.

Toni and Addie from New Jersey

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