A Different Path

Have you ever started down one path and ended up on another?  Well, yesterday was one of those days.

Another day of drizzle in the Apple, so tired of hanging out in the apartment we planned a short trip to the bookstore.  This weekend we are taking a trip to D.C. and thought it would be good to have a new book for the ride.  Amazon just opened a new bookstore at Columbus Circle and it has been getting a lot of attention.  According to Google it is 0.8 of a mile and a 20-minute walk.  No problem.

IMG_4314 Amazon Books

Amazon Books is small by Texas standards. Shelves were stocked with the books facing outward, which reduces the number of books on display.  The eager greeter explained that they are displayed just as they are online, and that books are grouped according to “if you like this book you will also like that.” I am a traditionalist.   After several minutes of browsing Tip and I decided to move on.  Tip’s assessment was, “A bookstore that has everything that’s popular for the last 10 minutes.”

Disappointed, we googled the next nearest bookstore, which was Barnes and Noble.  A little over a mile, 22 minutes, according to Google.  We are good to go.

Taking a route along 59th street we passed a promotion for Haagan Dazs ice cream.  We took the free sample and practiced the traditional New York habit of eating while walking.  It is a skill we have yet to refine.

When we reached the corner of 59th and 5th avenue we took a right and a rest at the fountain in a small park.  The water wasn’t exactly clean, but it took care of our sticky fingers.

A few blocks down we ran into fenced curbs and a horde of people.  Trump Tower.  We passed the high dollar shops and joined the tourists who were window shopping, nodded at St. Patrick’s cathedral, passed Rockerfella Plaza, and smelled the Falafel carts that were grilling k-bobs.  Finally, on the left, Barnes and Noble.

A traditional bookstore on multiple floors, it reminded me of the one we had at Sundance Square in Ft. Worth.  After a few minutes, we made our purchase and left.

IMG_4338 5th avenueAcross the street there was a commotion. It would only take us one block out of our way so off we go to check it out.  It was the Philippine Embassy and there were protests related to Martial law taking place there.  We spoke to a young lady that explained the restrictions and human hardships in her homeland.

Soon we were on our way and stopping at another park to give our feet a rest.  A sniff of the air told us there was something cooking nearby.  Another turn and another block and we found ourselves in the middle of “A Taste of Times Square”.  Food Festival!!!

IMG_4390 food festivalFood festivals here are fun.  The food is good and they provide an opportunity to try new foods.  My estimation is 85% of the food here would not be considered traditional American, so it is good to expand our circle of taste.

We bought a string of tickets, and noted that 3 hours had passed.  Oh well, we were getting hungry and this food festival had wonderful smells.

img_4364-electric-violin.jpgWe started with empanadas, followed riblets and wings.  Musicians dotted the path between food booths.  I especially like the guy playing an electric violin.  The Ebony Hillbillies were also good, playing washboards and banjos.  We continued eating.  Mac and cheese.  Sliders from Guy Fiery, Chocolate cake, more wings.  So much for trying new things.

Looks like rain, we need to wrap things up and get back to the apartment.  7 hours and 3 miles have passed.

Sometimes when I am called down a path different than the one planned, things turn out better than expected.IMG_4395 tip food fest

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