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Rain in the forecast but we didn’t care, it was above 40 degrees and we had been cooped up for too long.  Undecided about where to go, JAM said, “We haven’t been east for a while and we should go over to the other side of the island.  East it was. With our umbrellas tucked out... Continue Reading →

The Umbrellas

  If you live in New York City you will need to have an umbrella.  We didn’t have one when we got here.  We now have 4.  The important thing to remember about umbrellas is you have to have them with you when it starts raining.  They do no good if they are at home... Continue Reading →

We Almost Saw a Mermaid Parade

Zoo York City….I have heard that before.  I hadn’t seen it….. but that was before Saturday! There is a major happening each year at Coney Island where over 100,000 people show up. It’s the Mermaid Parade!  And we were told it was really interesting.  We were excited, not knowing what to expect. We got up... Continue Reading →

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