Kids in a Candy Store

At times it seems we are on a hunt for the secret idol.  Wandering the city,  not seeking anything in particular, but hopeful  that we will discover a hidden idol.

Saturday, we went to see The Alice In Wonderland Follies, choreographed by Keith Michaels, who we have had the pleasure to meet on a couple of occasions.  It seemed fitting that this would be a good day.

The ballet was fun, and light hearted, then we returned home with the intent of exploring 6 1/2 Avenue, which is a hidden treasure in and of itself.  More on that another day.20180428 IMG_8738 i Myzels chocolates

As we crossed 55th a small shop caught our eye, and we immediately knew we were about to become friends. It had that genuine feel that clings to the family businesses that have grown up in this city.20180428 IMG_8727 i gift wall sm

Inside we met Kamila Myzel, the chocolatier.  Kamila fled Poland seeking asylum when her country began to collapse under communism.  She and her mother Alina brought with them Old World skills for creating the finest chocolates, truffles and cookies.  Kamila has been providing chocolate delights to New Yorkers since the early Sixties.20180428 IMG_8725 i truffels sm


She specializes in truffles (both dark and light chocolate), the Ultimate Chocolate Cookie (they only make one), and over 100 different kinds of  licorice.  With so many choices we could hardly decide. 20180428 IMG_8723 i inside myzels sm


After prolonged indecisiveness, we gathered our small bags of delights, bid Miss Kamila farewell and headed home with sugar plums dancing in our heads. We knew today we had found another hidden treasure.  20180428 IMG_8729 i gifts sm





If you love great chocolate (and who doesn’t), try Myzel’s Chocolate, at 55th and 6 1/2 avenue.

20180428 IMG_8726 i kamila sm

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  1. We used to pass by 6 1/2 Ave all the time after grabbing Halal Guys, if only we’d known this chocolate shop was around the corner! I can’t wait to see more on your exploration of 6 1/2 Ave 🙂

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