Chess Anyone?

Outside the door a knight stands protecting the King and inviting potential opponents to walk through the door.

20180502 IMG_2330 R ches forum sm

Stepping into the store I am filled with a feeling of nostalgia.  Imad Khachan, store owner, welcomes us as we enter and offers the tables in the back if we are interested in a friendly, or not so friendly game of chess.

20180502 IMG_2318 R x_pp chess forum imad khachan sm


Inside soft light fills a room lined with old but sturdy wooden cabinets filled with glass shelves.  Classical music plays softly in the background.  The warm light and comfortable textiles are welcoming, and I am encouraged to step into a space that immediately feels familiar.

20180502 IMG_2308 R chess forum sm


In the backroom small tables lining the walls are covered with simple mats and 32 plastic figures waiting for their turn to come alive.

20180502 IMG_2325 R inside chess forum sm


This is the world of Chess Forum in Greenwich Village.  Just a few blocks from NYU campus and Washington Square, this magnet for strategic minded individuals is home for chess masters and beginners alike.

20180502 IMG_2324 R chess anyone sm

Peering into the wooden cabinets I find small artistically styled worlds assembled on the glass shelves, each piece standing on his designated square, begging for a chance to compete and compelling me to invest.

20180502 IMG_2314 R alice in wonderland chess sm


I am amazed by the collection.

20180502 IMG_2309 R summers dream chess sm


The front door opens and ChessMaster enters.  It is clear he has the respect of regulars who are hanging out near the tables.  He is available for sport or for hire.  Khachan tells us to watch for ChessMaster at the tables in Washington Square.  Someone tells me if you see him there, don’t bother playing the game just leave your wallet and save yourself the embarrassment.

20180502 IMG_2316 R chess forum chessmaster sm

In this place people learn more than chess.  The seemingly fading art of strategic thinking, advanced planning and deliberate moves are more than a board game, they are life lessons that are developed with the challenging game of chess.



I leave with a beginner set and plans to return for an upgrade.

As I walk down Thompson Street toward Bleeker, I think about other life lessons to be learned from the game of chess.  Here are the ones that come to mind.

20170401 IMG_7897_7D EF18-135village underground

  • Respect your opponent.
  • Think before you commit.
  • Actions have consequences.
  • Invest in learning the skills of your trade.
  • Don’t think too highly of yourself.
  • Don’t give up too soon.
  • Learn from your mistakes.
  • Sometimes the obvious choice is not the best one.
  • Be a good loser.
  • Be a better winner.

What life lessons might you add to the list?

20180502 IMG_2311 R ww2 small

8 thoughts on “Chess Anyone?

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  1. Thank you for the great post! We hope you will have the chane to visit us again. You really do amzing work introducing the New York and the world to everyone. All the best to you and your family always.

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  2. Loved this post! From the setup to the pics to the life lessons! I’ve always looked at those fellas playing in the parks and thought: I’d lose my shirt to these guys, for sure. Oh, and did you think I missed that Alice in Wonderland set!? I bet it costs a bomb. 😉

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    1. Hi,
      Thank you for your comment and we hope you will have the chance to visit Chess Forum when the world goes back to its normal state. We are opening from noon to seven pm seven days a week which is half our normal schedule (noon to midnight at least 7 days a week). We have the Alice set to see when you visit us. The price of the pieces is $199 and with the board $250. We hope you will have the chance to visit us and play a few games with our players. All the best to you!

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  3. Love this, here are mime…. everyone has unique skills – find yours, teach someone else, a mentor can be valuable and win or lose- have fun?

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