A Walk in the Fog

It was so foggy.  How foggy was it?  It was so foggy the ducks were bumping into the piers.

20180404 IMG_0982 7D sm


You couldn’t see the tugboats and barges just beyond the end of the piers, much less the coast of New Jersey across the Hudson.

20180404 IMG_0893 7D sm

JAM wanted to take pictures in the fog, so we bundled up, grabbed the cameras and headed out to the Hudson River Park.  It was damp and it was cold.  But that didn’t deter us,  JAM had a mission.

20180404 IMG_0958 7D sm


The park is a linear park running along the banks of the Hudson.  Wide walking paths wander through the landscaped coast line.  A constant flow of cyclists quietly cruise down the bike paths.  Joggers trot by with their headphones keeping them in their running trance.

20180404 IMG_0912 7D Foggy Contemplation sm

Gulls sit atop the remnants of piers long ago dismantled, geese and ducks float along the shoreline.

20180404 IMG_0918 7D Pilings sm

The fog was clinging close to the coast.    The piers disappeared into the fog.  Out on the Hudson, barges and tugs had a ghostly glow as they slowly passed down the river.

20180404 IMG_0986 7D Rusty Skyline sm

The photo run came to an end.  We returned to Pier 94 on our way home.

20180404 IMG_1036 7D sm

JAM had her pictures.  We stopped at La Bergamote’ across the street from mi casa and I got a late breakfast.

20180404 IMG_0946 7D sm

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  1. love your posts and read them ALL!! don’t always make comments but always enjoy them ssooo much!! beautiful picyres and prose…nonie

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