For those of you who are planning to visit New York City, we have found a touristy thing  we think you will enjoy.

Near Times Square  sits a diner that looks like a movie set from Happy Days.  It’s the Stardust Diner.  There are two ways to spot it.  One, it looks like something from 1958, sitting at Broadway and 51st  or……you can look for the long line of customers streaming down 51st Street, waiting their turn to get in.

IMG_8179 Stardust three

The menu is diner, burgers, sandwiches, fries, you know, diner food.  Prices are $$, which is reasonable for Manhattan.  But food is not the reason for the long lines waiting outside regardless of the weather.

IMG_3408 stardust four

The wait staff member are called Stardusters.  The Starduster seating you, or the Starduster taking your order, or the Starduster bringing your food, or the Starduster busing your table may just drop what they are doing, jump up on the runway stage and start belting out a Broadway show tune!

IMG_3395 stardust two

The Stardusters are comprised of aspiring Broadway singers, dancers and actors waiting for their big break to sing and dance under the bright lights on the stages of Broadway.  And they bring it to their work on the Stardust stage every day.

This showcase runs non-stop.  You’ll be tapping your toes and humming along while wolfing down your burger!

IMG_3394 stardust one

Interesting facts:

  • Irving Berlin’s first recording studio was on the 2nd
  • Hundreds of Stardusters have gone on to appear in Broadway shows, even being nominated for a Tony.
  • The Stardust was the inspiration for the diner on the TV show “Glee”.

Needless to say, the Stardust show is Broadway worthy!

Have you been?  What did you think?  Did you sing along with the Starduster?

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