Once Upon a Springtime

sm 20180328 IMG_3474 tips IPHONE.jpg

The Snow Queen has locked Dagny, the flower breathing dragon in the dungeon and trapped Princess Spring in her quarters to rule all four seasons.  Sir, Dillon, the knight in shining armor, riding his trusty green steed comes, to the rescue to release Dagny and melt the snow so Spring Princess can rule her season.



So, goes the fairy tale that Macys has created to tell the story of this year’s annual Macys Flower Show, titled Once Upon a Springtime.

sm 20180328 IMG_3472 tips IPHONE

Inside the World’s Largest Department Store, aisles are transformed into mazes of dazzling floral displays intermingling fantasy blooms with lush plants from around the world.

sm 20180328 IMG_8311 IPHONE enchanted forest

Village scenes reminiscent of gnomes and hobbits entertain shoppers strolling through the store, thoroughly enchanted with the amazing world.

sm 20180328 IMG_8317 IPHONE

Stopping to pull out their cell phones, shoppers turned photographers capture their children and friends in the Enchanted Forest and take selfies in Winter’s Dungeon.

sm 20180328 IMG_8308 IPHONE us at macys

Outside, the story is told in beautiful displays so characteristic of Macy’s legend.

sm 20180328 IMG_8327 IPHONE bridge

Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Show is a pyrotechnic anthem for the ages,

Celebrating the nations birth

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade speaks for itself.

20171121 IMG_9703 7D macys turkey

Macy’s Christmas store window displays captures holiday magic like none other.

20171121 IMG_9608 7D macys

Macy’s Spring Flower Show continues to carry the torch, welcoming the spring to New York City in a presentation that could not have been better.

sm 20180328 IMG_8325 IPHONE macys


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