The Buzz About Bansky

Everyone is talking about it, Bansky has been back in town.  His most prolific contributions in NYC since 2013, it seems to have everyone watching for the next appearance.   Evidence of Bansky is hard to come by, finding it is like finding the golden Easter Egg at the local picnic.

Recently presenting in grand style is his installation on the Bowery Wall at Houston Street.  The image there is believed to be a statement in protest of the imprisonment of Zehra Dogan , who’s name is stenciled in the lower right corner.

20180327 IMG_0741 7D zehra smOther taggings have also been sighted.  There was the rat running on the face of a clock which was quickly removed from a soon-to-be-destroyed bank in the East Village.

Not having copyright permission for the image, I will share  a link to the NYDaily News image RAT RACE

A few days later his work in Brooklyn was confirmed.

Then, unconfirmed, You Shoot We Loot appearing in Harlem.

Bansky is an elusive street artist that remains anonymous in an effort to keep the focus on his art, not him.  He paints quickly, producing stencils in advance to expedite his effort and avoid being seen.  He claims not to be an activist but produces his art as a personal statement and for the pleasure of his followers.

If you want to own a piece of Bansky Art, you are probably not a part of his intended audience. We caught up with some of his prints last summer at the Taglialatella Gallery in Chelsea.  No prices displayed, interested parties inquire.

Now I ask, what is so intriguing about a stencil spray artist that  generates worldwide attention and fame, drives outrageous pricing for his images, and has all of New York City talking?

I believe it is his willingness to speak what we all think, publicly and loudly where it can be seen and heard.  Then he disappears, not to be televised or suffer a long-winded interview.  He leaves it to you to decide.

Here are some links to his work…

If you decide to wander to Houston and Bowery to take in his creation, you might enjoy looking for the  work of other local street artists in the area, particularly along the Roosevelt Park, and along Houston Street across from Schimmel’s.  And don’t forget to pick up a knish while you are there.

20180327 IMG_0728 7D sm sea

20180327 IMG_0699 7D jazz is dead.jpg

20180327 IMG_0685 7D sm20180327 IMG_0690 7D chad20180327 IMG_0688 7D sm




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