For What It’s Worth

There’s something happening here…


What it is ain’t exactly clear.

IMG_8253 fwiw 5

It’s time we stopped, children

What’s that sound?

Everybody look what’s going down.

IMG_8212 fwiw 3

Battle lines being drawn.

IMG_8198 FWIW 2

Young people speaking their minds,

Getting so much resistance from behind.



A thousand people in the street…

IMG_8248 fwiw 4

Singing songs and carrying signs,

Mostly saying “Hooray for our side”.


Our hearts wept as once again our citizens took to the streets in protest of violence, 1969 Revisited.


3 thoughts on “For What It’s Worth

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  1. I love that song and the usage here is spot on. We were there for a little while too. My favorite sign came out of the DC March: “With guns you can kill a terrorist, with education you can kill terrorism” – Malala Yousafzai

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