This week we celebrated National Puppy Day.  Our plan was to celebrate it by hiking over to Saks and checking out their adoptables in the famous Saks windows.

We made it as far as 6th Ave and ran into a parade.  Like a dog spotting a squirrel we were off on a new adventure and forgot about the pups.

So, we thought we would tip our hat to all of the New York City Dog lovers.  They are every where and they are mad about their dogs.  Here are a few…

Soccer Anyone?

20180220 IMG_9634 7D SOCCER ANYONE sm

Uh….Hello, can I lick you?

IMG_9812 7D Uh Hi sm


ANOTHER Snowbomb?!?



Where’s the Coffee?

img_00987D 14-105 Big Guy sm


I’m so Pretty!

IMG_8819 Rebel Walk on 9th Ave sm


I Got Your Back!

20180219 IMG_9512 7D Standing Guard sm


Me! Me!  Pet Me!

IMG_8018 Pet Me Pet Me! sm


It’s Party Time!

20180216 IMG_0012 7D Lets Party! sm


It’s Love at First Sight

20170327 IMG_3798 iPhone Love at First Sight sm


Dogs To Go

05142017 IMG_4162 iphone Dogs to Go sm


Got Milk?

04022017 IMG_3865iPhone Water please sm

Got My Best Foot Forward

05162017 IMG_0065 7D whiteout sm


Unidentical Twins

05162017 IMG_9877 7D Twins sm


and of course, Balko, Central Park’s Hero Dog


20180221 IMG_9931 7D BALKO sm


If you are ready for a new “for-life” friend, and you are up for the responsibility of caring for a pet, consider adopting a shelter dog.

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  1. I love everything about this! Yes, yes, yes to adopting a shelter dog – and ONLY if you can commit to about 16 years for puppies (basically, the life of the dog). Please do not buy a pure-breed. Go get a mutt at the shelter. They’re healthier and happier.

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