Spring Arrives?

Wednesday was the first day of spring, but Old Man Winter was not leaving without a fight!  Winter claimed the day, bringing our 4th Nor’easter, and dictated that we would spend the 1st day of spring watching the world from our window.

20180321 IMG_0673 7D snow in the garden sm


Today the sun arrived and brought with her spring winds.  So, we went looking for evidence of spring…

IMG_7871windo sm

Bryant Square was covered in snow… nothing found to indicate the emergence of spring.

IMG_8057 bryant park sm


Around the corner at the NYC Library, we found a small patch of green grass…

IMG_8068 snow on the lawn sm


…carefully guarded by Patience and Fortitude.  Seemed appropriate.

Patience and Fortitude sm


Walking along 51st street we found a few buds emerging from this tree.

IMG_8176 buds


We found this fence poster advertising what seemed to be spring fashions…

IMG_8031 fashion sm


But it appeared that no one was foregoing their bulky parkas.

IMG_8040 coats sm


Strolling north to Central Park we finally found a few glimpses of what we were hoping for.

IMG_7763 flowers 2 sm

Looks like spring arrived after all, she is just shaking the sleep from her eyes.

IMG_7755 flowers 1




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  1. We really love these photo essays that you two do! It warmed up nicely today and it almost got us hopeful that spring truly is around the corner 🙂 Really fond of that snow-covered daffodil picture, excellent choice for the featured photograph!

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