A Crown Jewel

We love Central Park.  It’s one our favorite places to go to just enjoy the day.

20180412 IMG_1752 7D sm

Doesn’t matter what the weather is.  In the winter under a blanket of snow, we lay down in the Sheep Meadow and make snow angels.  In the spring, we walk through the Ramble catching the flora come to a new life of blooms.  Summertime brings the shaded walking paths to protect from the heat and muffle the sounds of the city to the east and west.  And in the autumn, there are spectacular colors that only Mother Nature can provide.

Yes, we love Central Park!

20180412 IMG_1702 7D The Mall sm
The Mall

A favorite is the Literary Walk.  Lined with rows of American Elms arching out over the sidewalks, this shady pathway is home to one of the largest and last remaining stands of American Elm trees in North America.   Wrought iron fencing protects the flowers and the trees.

20180412 IMG_1726 7D The mall sm
The Literary Walk

Of course William Shakespeare is at the head of the mall.  He is standing there, hand on hip, holding court over his company of writers.  In his shadow are two young musicians, a drummer and a saxophonist, laying out toe-tapping tunes for the people wandering through the mall.

A few steps up the walkway is Fitz-Greene Halleck. Halleck was a widely read and popular satirical poet in the early 1800’s in New York City. Today he is scarcely remembered.

20180412 IMG_1711 7D statue of author sm
Fitz-Greene Halleck

Nearby is the statue of Scottish poet Robert Burns.  Burns is a very well-known and respected author from the early 19th century. He is probably best known as the author of the lyrics to a song we all sing one time a year, “Auld Lang Syne”.

20180412 IMG_1724 7D statue sm
Robert Burns

Across the walkway is Sir Walter Scott, also an early 19th century writer (“Ivanhoe” and “Rob Roy”).

20180412 IMG_1714 7D Walter Scott sm
Sir Walter Scott

There is one who didn’t write anything of significance but is here nonetheless.  I think he may be hiding out here.  It’s Christopher Columbus.  Don’t know how or why he ended up in the Literary Walk, but he’s here.

20180412 IMG_1691 7D Christopher columbus sm
Christopher Columbus

In the park benches lining the walkway, people, couples, and families stop to sit, take in the beauty of the park and just relax before continuing through the park.

20180412 IMG_1733 7D sitting in the park sm

At the end of the walkway, a young lady is belting out dance tunes from the stage of the band shell.  Just another regular day in Central Park.

20180412 IMG_1747 7D singer in the park sm

Did we tell you we love Central Park?

20180412 IMG_1734 7D flowers in the park sm

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  1. Great post you two! And it reminds me, I need to plan a day in the park, though Lynn and I inevitably end up there numerous times throughout the year for one reason or another. Visitors marvel at its grandeur, but they don’t realize that for New Yorkers Central Park is an idea as much as it is a place. It’s an oasis of sanity, an escape from everything that makes the city incredible but also overwhelming.

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