Katz Deli

The Madhatters told us to do it!  So we did.

Katz Deli is one of the oldest delicatessens in New York City.  It was first opened in 1888 in the same location it is today.  Sliced pastrami is their specialty. I had the pastrami on rye!  Justin and Lynn of the Madhatters strongly suggested the pastrami, so that is what I had!


20180418 IMG_8507 menu sm

The walls of the restaurant are covered with photos of Broadway actors, movie and TV stars, singers, politicians and various New York celebrities taken while eating one of the huge sandwiches.

20180418 IMG_8517 Katz Wall Of Fame sm

Katz is also a movie star in its own right.  You may recall Meg Ryan having the fake orgasm while dining with Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally.  I had what she had but with a different result.  I just got stuffed and wanted to take a nap!

All the history, the celebrities, the charm but we can’t forget the food.

20180418 IMG_8515 behind the counter sm

Hand sliced pastrami, brisket and corned beef; meals or sandwiches.  These guys have one mission….to fill your tummy.

The meats are cured and smoked to perfection.  My pastrami is stacked up 3” high on slices of rye bread.    JAM and I split a sandwich.  I got “roll me outta here” full, JAM couldn’t finish hers.  We also had a plate of pickle spears and pickled tomatoes.

20180418 IMG_8511 pastrami sm

This place is, indeed, popular.  Regardless of the time of day, people are lined up at each of the cutter counters to order their sandwiches.

20180418 IMG_1901 7D diners sm

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by Christian,  He is the host and super friendly.   He made us feel welcome.  He is a big time NY football Giants fan and he doesn’t want Dez Bryant in the NFC East.   So we had something in common.  I don’t either.

IMG_3560 ti Christian sm

If you’re planning to visit New York City, here are a couple of suggestions…

20180418 IMG_1905 7D Senda Salami sm

  1. Come to Katz to experience the lunch. The specials will feed three tourists or one regular customer.
  2. Check out  MadhattersNYC.com. Their blog should be in your homework.  Justin and Lynn, are a young couple who have been blogging  New York City for a long time.  Their blog will turn you on to what to see and do and where to eat.
20180418 IMG_1899 7D Katz thats all sm
When owner, Harry Tarowsky was asked what the sign should say,  he replied, ” Katz, that’s all”, so “Katz Thats All” is what he got!


2 thoughts on “Katz Deli

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  1. We’re so glad you made it, and we’re really proud of you for getting through as much of the sandwich as you did 😉 I love that sign and all the great pictures!

    You have the official Mad Hatters NYC seal of approval!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Great choice – both food and restaurant!
    Can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday – hope you’re now headed to our coffee and cheesecake spot – sounds so perfect!

    Liked by 1 person

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