Fractured Wisdom


If you are old enough to recall the Burma Shave posts along Route 66 you will appreciate the creativity of Sidewalk Wisdom Boards found outside storefronts of the City, mostly  in the East and West Villages and Hells Kitchen.

04082017 IMG_8503SX Play Chess sm

Boards are placed to draw attention to the storefront or suggest daily menus and specials.  Some boards however, are there to make a statement or at least to provide a bit of humor.

Sidewalk boards are especially popular with pet shops and restaurants that invite your pets to dine along side of you.

Some appeal to the pedestrian’s hungry side.

Restaurants design boards to get a second look.

Here is a board we found outside a local bakery…   20170329 IMG_7865_7D get a loaf sm

Some messages are less clear…


The most creative boards however, seem to be directed to evening crowds, such as these boards sitting outside of local wine bars.

Beer bars are not to be outdone.

This board suggests a medical solution…

20180220 IMG_9791 7D DOCTORsm

Others are for those resigned to their fate.

These boards seem to help the intended find encouragement.

Though boards may be technically misguided, their message is the same.  It’s New York, pull up a chair, meet someone new and have a good time.


20171109 171109 IMG_6462sm

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