We’ve Just One More Christmas Wish…

Greeting cards have all been sent..
IMG_6952 cards
The Christmas rush is through.
12222017 IMG_9765 7D the christmas rush
But we still have a wish to send,
A special one for you…
Holidays are joyful,
12092017IMG_9152 7D buggy ride in the snow central park sm
There’s always something new
But everyday is a holiday
When we hear from you.
We wish you Merry Christmas,
We are apart it is true…
IMG_7707 7D tree
But we can dream and in our dreams
We are Christmasing with you.
20171125 IMG_7500 in our dreams

So we wish you merry Christmas!

12222017 IMG_9725 7D merry christmas

Happy New Year too!

11262017 IMG_7513.JPG 7D IMG_7513


We’ve just one wish on this Christmas Eve,

May all your dreams come true!

Merry Christmas everyone!





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