Photo Essay: Christmas Window Shopping in New York

Just some Christmas spirit… Holiday window dressings from 5th Avenue to Macys on 34th street, and a song by Brian Wilson.

IMG_7638 7D

The Christmas spirit grows with each new day

IMG_7645 7D

And it’s so close but seems so far away

IMG_7633 7D 1

And yet it comes only once a year

IMG_7670 7D

And before you know it it’s already here

IMG_7659 7D

Everybody helps to make the spirit bright

IMG_7663 7D

The houses turn on their Christmas lights

IMG_7632 7D

Is worth the wait the whole year through

12182017 IMG_9402 7D cartier

Just to make happy someone like you

IMG_7634 7D

And I’ll never outgrow the thrill of Christmas day.

-Brian Wilson

And SAKS had their big reveal. Windows were covered in black paper keeping us to guess…

IMG_6621 Saks reveal

Then they revealed their tribute to Snow Whites 80th anniversary….

Children and adults alike were drawn in…

12182017 IMG_9439 7D wishing saks

12182017 IMG_9457 7D snow white

12182017 IMG_9476 7D prince charming

12182017 IMG_9481 7D ever after

And showcased their designs inspired by Snow White.




Not to be out done, Macy’s continued their miracle on 34th street with a display of North Pole activities.

20171121 IMG_9630 7D child at macys

20171121 IMG_9642 7D m

And it seemed that every other window in The City did their part to spread the spirit…


11302017 IMG_0016 7D the michaelangelo

11302017 IMG_0002 7D

Even our little window, wishes you a Merry Christmas…

tipa and jam window






10 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Christmas Window Shopping in New York

Add yours

  1. Brilliant! *clapping her hands in excitement* Thank you for this virtual walk, I haven’t come round to checking the Saks windows yet, can you believe it!
    PS: your window is beautiful and the view looks familiar – we must be living in the same street or very close by!


  2. Really loved how you formatted this post 🙂 Almost beats seeing them in person! No crowds or fighting for a front spot! The last photo is definitely my favorite window of them all 🙂 Is that a maple leaf tree topper?

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Checking out the holiday windows always gets us filled with holiday spirit! Bergdorfs had our favorites this year by far, but there were some here that we missed so thanks for doing such a great job of capturing them 🙂

    And we love your window too!

    Liked by 2 people

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