Nice Night for a Walk

  It felt unusually nice because it was unusual.  The temperature was in the low 70’s on an August night.   There was a cool breeze coming off the Hudson.  The night was calling us to Riverside Park.  This park is a green way that runs the coast of the Hudson from Battery Park up... Continue Reading →

There is Always Something…

There is no shortage of opportunities to take advantage of (free) entertainment in The City. Festivals, musical entertainment, street performers, sponsored events, public art and open galleries are almost always available if you just take a few minutes to do the research.   Last night we spent such an evening in Bryant Park. First, let... Continue Reading →

Back! Back In the New York Groove

We spent a little over a week back home in Grand Prairie.  It was really nice being back home among family and friends and being in familiar places enjoying the things that we love about living in the Metroplex.  And now we’re back! Back in the New York groove. It seems so weird having two... Continue Reading →


I remember a song about someone who was conflicted by two lovers.  One was soft, gentle and easy.  The other was complicated and exciting. Lately I can relate to the conflict. If you have missed us lately, we just returned from a trip home.  Routine medicals and check-in with as many friends and family as... Continue Reading →

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