Lunch at the Tavern

Everything in New York seems to have had a previous life.


Today we decided to treat ourselves to a quiet lunch at Tavern on the Green.   This beautiful restaurant is located in Central Park where West 66th street meets the western edge of the park.

IMG_9204 530Sx menu


We walked from our apartment and arrived a little moist with humidity, and chose to sit indoors so we could cool ourselves.   The table faced East looking through a glass wall to the tables on the patio, shady umbrellas, and the Sheeps Meadow beyond.

IMG_9210 530Sx glass wall


Yes, sheeps meadow.  There are no longer sheep in the meadow, but there were at one time.  Now it is a large open lawn popular with couples and families toting a picnic lunch in the park, kids playing with their nannys, and others who sit reading books and listing to their headphones under the shade of tall trees while they eat from the brown bags from Pret-A-Manger.

1 IMG_8679 7D EF50

When the sheep were present, a brick building sat to the West of the meadow and housed the sheep.  It was built in 1890, and 44 years later was converted to a restaurant.

IMG_9214 530Sx tavern on the green

Over the years the restaurant has changed hands several times.   The current owner has brought a quiet elegance to the restaurant.  A nice escape from the busy city.


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